Tailgating is a lot easier!

I recently picked up a Hang N Out and used it a few times tailgating with friends. Everyone remarked how something like this hasn’t come along before. I find the holder easy to use, stays in place and is sturdy. I was concerned the bag may come loose from the hoop but it held on with no problem. Good job Hang N Out!


Harold B.

I Love This Thing

When I first saw the Hang N Out my husband and I weren’t really sure it would work on our car. We bought one after reading the website sizing guide. That was a great help and the holder fit like the video showed it would. We used the bag holder on a weekend trip to the beach and watched as people us around struggled to keep their bags open and useable with the beach winds blowing.

Beth V.

Showing Off

I just used my Hang N Out for the first time tailgating at an MSL game. The guys next to me seemed to have bigger and better everything and let me know it until I put up my new bag holder. Things got quiet as they checked out the unit and asked questions about it. Everyone was impressed how quickly the bag went on the hoop and held our throwaways Solid.

We ended up getting to know each other and plan to tailgate together at the next home game.

Hang N Out and making friends.

Marques J.

I Like It

Thanks, no more tying a trash bag to my tailgate. The bag stays open, making it a lot cleaner and easier. Seems to be pretty solid construction and tough. A lot of people ask what it is and where to get one. With the QR code on the label I don’t have to repeat myself over and over. Good idea on the code.

Brad C.


I recently got a bag holder from hangnout. When it arrived (on time, thanks) I tested it on my truck for fit and as the video shows it went right on. The bag and hoop were easy to clip on too. Good item, everybody needs one.

John L.

I Like It

We have all been to a tailgate or a campsite and looked around and said “where is the trashcan?” None of us want to litter or have a grocery bag on the ground holding the garbage from a tailgating event. The team at Hang N Out came up with an ingenious idea to never be without a trashcan again.
We recently had the chance to try one out for ourselves and wow, it works and is so simple you can put it on with one hand. We recently went to a tailgate and there was no trashcan anywhere. Soon after this we got in contact with Hang N Out and are so glad we did.
The Hang N Out simply clips on a vehicle tire and you add a trash bag. No really its that simple, but extremely handy. Set up in seconds and never leave a tailgate with litter on it again.
PROS: always have a trash can, very good pricing, cool idea, easy to set up.
CONS: One day having it come in team colors would be a cool idea.

Overall, this will be at every tailgate we attend moving forward.
If you tailgate or camp then you need to click the link below to order your own today.

Tailgating Challenge Via Facebook


I saw your product on the website and it is about time someone came up with a easy to use and functional product for tailgating and other like events. I have used it several times and it works as advertised. My only regret is that I didn’t come up with the idea myself.

Jack B.