How tall does my tire need to be?

Answer – The height of your tire doesn’t matter all that much but needs to be 8” – 13” wide.  Hang N Out® is engineered to fit the largest range of tire sizes possible. That includes SUVs, RVs, trucks, buses and most cars.

What size canopy legs or stakes does Hang N Out Too fit?

Answer- Hang N Out Too fits standard canopy legs, stakes, fences or posts up to 1” wide.

How much weight will Hang N Out® and Hang N Out Too hold?

Answer- We commit to 12 lbs. but it usually holds much more. 12 lbs. of tailgating trash is a bunch since most tailgate throwaways are plastic, aluminum, Styrofoam and some glass. The heavier the load, the more bags hold on.

What type of bags do I need?

Answer- Hefty 30 gallon Multipurpose drawstring type bags work the best but you can use other drawstring bags with your Hang N Out® Since not all bags are made the same exact sizes you may want to tie a small knot in the drawstring to help ensure a great experience.

Will my bags stretch?

Answer – Sure, they’re made of plastic that’s intended to stretch, but not break. If the bag will hold it without breaking Hang N Out® is up to the challenge

Is assembly required?

Answer – Remember, this is a large trash bag holder. To help keep down the cost of shipping (size really does matter) you will need to place one end of the hoop into the connector and push in 2 retaining clips (provided) and that’s it. The holes are pre-drilled for easy and simple connections. Simple instructions are included.

Can I have my own logo for Hang N Out®

Answer – Yes. Looking for a great way to promote your company or service? We can put your logo on the product labels.

Easy Installation