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  • Hang N Out 2-Trash can for tailgating

    The Best Camping Trash Can

    The Trash Can For Camping The ultimate in trash cans for camping. Now with HangNout 2, waste management for campers has never been easier. HangNout 2 easily connects to things like canopies and stakes within a specific size. Basically anything like a post or tent stake. Sure you can attach it to an auto tire […]
  • nfl tailgating gear

    Tailgate Wars: The Top 5 NFL Tailgating Teams

    If you consider yourself an NFL fan, then you better be able to talk tailgate. No questions asked. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 tailgating fans when it comes to NFL football. Did your team make the cut? Tailgate Criteria Here at HangNout.com we put together the most scientific and authoritative categories […]
  • camping trash container

    Camping Trash Bag Ideas

    Camping Trashy Need some camping trash bag ideas and tips? Sometimes when camping there are a ton of things to remember from bug spray to flashlights, but according to recent studies the number one thing campers forget to bring is…you guessed it. A Trashcan! Either by over-site or just not wanting to lug a giant […]
  • Hang N Out-Trash Bag Holder

    Summer is heating up – Tailgating Tips

    Tailgate With The Best It is pretty much summer which means time for fun. That means getting the ice, coolers, hot dogs, burgers and buns ready. With so much prep that goes into a tailgating extravaganza it is important to not let the clean up bum you out. Have you considered a place to throw […]
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